Superannuation is long-term savings.  Making the right decisions today and during your working career, can have an enormous benefit come retirement age.

Saving for your future

The power of compound investing is not to be underestimated.

Superannuation is often an account which doesn’t get our full attention until we approach retirement.

However it should get some of our attention now, so it will be the account that helps support us through our retirement years.

Simplify Superannuation

Unfortunately superannuation is complicated.  The laws keep changing and this creates uncertainty and disinterest. Despite this superannuation is the largest source of retirement income for all of us and that really does matter.

Given the complexity and the uncertainty, it makes sense to have an adviser who you can trust and who is qualified in giving superannuation advice.

Trusted Superannuation advice

AF Financial prides itself on the quality of its superannuation advice to its clients. Staying abreast of the constant changes and making appropriate decisions at the right time for our clients is what makes AF Financial a successful Financial Advice company.

Our motto, “Long Term connection based on Trust” aligns to superannuation strategy being a long-term savings account for retirement. A comfortable retirement.


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